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Each of the UK’s devolved administrations has its own agri-environment scheme – for example, the Countryside Stewardship Scheme in England and the Agri-environment Climate Scheme in Scotland.

Find out what’s involved in signing up to a ‘green scheme’ and get practical tips on putting together your application.

Advice and tips


Tips on applying for Mid-Tier Countryside Stewardship

With only three weeks until the Countryside Stewardship Mid-Tier 2018 application deadline, Alice De Soer from the Central Association of Agricultural Valuers (CAAV) gives some key pointers for applicants. The…


Advice on hedges for BPS and Countryside Stewardship 2018

The new mapped hedges information isn’t always correct. Alice De Soer from the Central Association of Agricultural Valuers advises on dealing with hedges for the Basic Payment Scheme and Countryside…


How to apply for wildlife arable Countryside Stewardship

With the online application window for the new Countryside Stewardship wildlife arable offer opening this week, Alice De Soer from the Central Association of Agricultural Valuers (CAAV) gives some tips…

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Case studies


How a salt marsh helped save Cumbrian estate

Giles Mounsey-Heysham credits the salt marsh for saving Castletown Estate, his family’s 1,862ha property at Rockcliffe in Cumbria. He began running the estate with its huge debts 50 years ago…


Stewardship scheme could help in blackgrass battle

Mike Neaverson recently joined his family’s 250ha farming business in south Lincolnshire having spent the past five years working in farm management. Here, he describes how the farm, which currently…


Glos farmer creates wild margins to attract grey partridges

Applying for environmental schemes can be time-consuming and have no guarantee of success, but if approved they can be financially worthwhile, as one Gloucestershire farmer is discovering. George Ponsonby is…


Wild bird project – a blueprint for future farm support?

Farmers in the South West have helped to save a rare farmland bird in a 25-year collaboration with the RSPB.  Farmers and the RSPB don’t always see eye to eye,…

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Exclusive: Source reveals Defra farm payments fiasco

Farmers Weekly has been contacted about the frustration of processing Environmental Stewardship (ES) claims following a massive Rural Payments Agency (RPA) remapping exercise, which led to serious delays to farmers…


Farmers ahead of the game on conservation

“Farmers are the original friends of the Earth; they know that we cannot have a healthy economy, healthy society or healthy individuals unless we have a healthy environment.” So begins…


Environmental schemes must be profitable, says CLA

All the money currently spent on the Common Agricultural Policy in England – and possibly more – should be transferred to a new “public money for public goods” scheme in…

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Defra under pressure to pay BPS loans to ease cashflow crisis

The UK government is coming under pressure from the farming industry to make bridging payments to farmers who are not scheduled to receive their 2018 Basic Payments this year. Defra…


Farmers vent fury over late stewardship payments

Farmers have been sharing their personal stories of anger and frustration over the impact of late stewardship payments on their businesses. Last week’s Farmers Weekly featured an exclusive insight into…


10-year stewardship deal 'fundamental' after Brexit

Farmers will need 10-year stewardship agreements to deliver Michael Gove's vision for the countryside after the UK leaves the European Union, believes an influential MP. Decade-long contracts were the minimum…


£5,000 environmental grant on offer for Midlands farmers

Farmers based in the Midlands region have been urged to make use of a £5,000 environmental grant to help protect watercourses from pollution. The funding is provided by the Severn…

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