Pig meat price levels out

The recent pig price rally has levelled out as the average deadweight price moved only marginally higher to close at 107.64p this week. 

The spot market also appears to have hit a plateau after rising throughout most of the summer.

Spot bacon prices are up to 115p/kg and bids between 113-114p are commonplace.

The sow market is also holding firm with EU buyers reporting a lack of supplies rather than strong demand.

As a result UK cull sow abattoirs were generally quoting in the 80p/kg region compared with 75 – 76p this time a year ago. 

Weaner prices remain affected by the lack of finishing space due to slow growth rates during the hot weather.

The Meat & Livestock Commission 30kg average price has remained static at £34.60/head and demand is also being hit by concerns over rising feed prices.