Pig numbers put pressure on prices

Pig prices eased again in the week to 9 February, following the usual seasonal trend but widening their premium against the same time last year.

The EU-spec Deadweight Average Pig Price fell by 0.4p/kg, to 157.3p/kg. However, that was 17.1p more than the same week last year – the largest year-on-year increase in more than three years, said a report by AHDB Meat Services. “High throughputs have been apparent since the start of the year, with total slaughterings for the first five weeks of the year 6% higher than in 2012,” said the report.

Cull sow values had regained some of their recent losses, rising by 3.5p/kg in the week to 12 February, to average 60.4p/kg liveweight. However, that was still 6.6p below the same week last year, mirroring poor EU markets, which had reached a 12-month low due to subdued consumer demand and increased cull throughputs.

“In the first four weeks of the year, Germany slaughtered 7% more sows than a year earlier, while Danish throughputs were up 13%,” said the report. “This may be linked to the implementation of the partial ban on sow stalls, which came into force on 1 January.”




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