Geno tag is new weapon in fight against BVD

A new BVD “tag and test” service will allow farmers to take tissue samples from newborn calves and identify persistently infected (PI) animals within a few days.

The Geno tag integrates testing for BVD with the routine process of ear tagging, enabling farmers and vets to collect essential data to control the disease in their herd.

The special tags collect a sample of ear tissue in a hermetically-sealed, tamper-proof container with a unique identifier to ensure full traceability.

The new scheme has been launched in conjunction with the SAC, with samples sent by post to the SAC labs for analysis. Results are returned within five working days to both the farmer and vet.

The Fearing Geno tag is available as part of a ministry-approved pair and the cost to farmers is £5.99, including the BVD test.

The Geno tag can also be purchased without the test, Fearing’s Andrew Cowan explained: “This technology supports a huge range of genotyping and diagnostic testing, and because samples can be stored safely without refrigeration, they can be used by vets, breed societies and trade bodies for a variety of purposes.”

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