Rural romantics step forward

Romance isn’t the first word that springs to mind when you picture a farmer. Rugged? Perhaps. Weatherbeaten? Possibly. Grimy? Almost definitely. But romantic? Hardly. At least that’s the popular view.

But here at Farmers Weekly we hear stories that suggest otherwise. A farmer planting trees in the shape of a heart in memory of his late wife; a young man taking someone to a prom in a tractor painted pink; someone writing the name of a bride and groom in giant letters in slurry in a field. These are just three of our favourite tales.

So we want to hear romantic stories from men and women of any age to dispel the myth that farmers are about as romantic as a blocked drainage ditch in November.

Maybe it’s something you did? Something done for you? Something a friend or neighbour did? All that matters is that it was a wonderfully romantic gesture – and the more of an agricultural twist it has, the better. It might relate to a first date, a holiday, a proposal, an anniversary or a surprise of any sort…

Perhaps you cooked up a dreamy first date on the farm? Popped the question using your faithful sheepdog as a ring-bearer? Created a romantic message in a field? However weird, wonderful and imaginative, we’d like to know.

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