Show us your favourite photos

Births, birthdays, long weekends or little angels – give Farmers Weekly a glimpse into your favourite photo albums.

The Rural Living and Farmlife team have created three new photo galleries on FWispace (FWi’s community site) to give users the opportunity to share their favourite photos with the rest of the FW community:

• “Special occasions is the place to upload snaps from any special get-togethers with friends, family, neighbours or colleagues

• Our “Young readers” gallery is the place for proud mums and dads to show their would-be farmers perusing their favourite rural read

• Next time you go on holiday, have a day off or visit a local landmark, take your camera and the latest copy of Farmers Weekly and upload your pictures to “FW in bizarre locations

The Rural Living and Farmlife team will check these galleries regularly and feature the ones we like best in the magazine.

How to upload your photos:

Uploading pictures is quick and easy. You’ll need to register with FWiSpace if you haven’t already done so (but this only takes a minute). After that, simply go to one of the galleries above and click on the “add picture” option on the right hand side. Please include a little bit of information in the description box about who’s in the picture. If you’ve got any queries, email


Emmett Carten celebrates his 40th birthday on the family farm at Limavady in Northern Ireland

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