Tell us your favourite ‘tractor tracks?’

At this time of year, when you’re spending hours in the tractor or combine cab, music can be essential – both to keep you company and to stave off boredom. So we want to hear about your favourite “tractor tracks”.

Tell us what is on your perfect playlist this summer and why. Is there one album – or indeed song – that’s fantastic to listen to during the long summer and autumn days?

It might be because it’s got particular memories for you or simply because it’s great to work to.

We’ll be posting a selection on them on fwi and in the magazine. Email us at

My favourite ‘tractor track’ is Pulp’s album, Different Class. I rediscovered it last week and was transported back to when I was 15, instantly remembering people, places and events I hadn’t given a thought to for years.

Pulp’s songs are beautiful, anthemic harmonies that can remind us of the fear and excitement of doing adult things for the first time, be it experimenting with alcohol or – even more terrifyingly – with the opposite sex.

Pulp’s lyrics speak to all of us, vividly evoking the exhilaration and fears everyone feels at that time of their life.

Appropriately, Jarvis Cocker formed Pulp when he was 15, but the group had to wait years before Different Class launched them towards the top of mainstream charts.

When bands like Oasis and Blur grabbed centre stage in the late ’90s, Pulp faded from the limelight.

Different Class is, for me, the definitive album of its time, and I implore you to give it a try.

Pulp’s Different Class, Island Records, 1995

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