Time to promote Open Farm Sunday

Farmers taking part in this year’s Open Farm Sunday are being urged to start promoting the event to their local communities.

There are just over six weeks until 13 June and over 250 farms have already registered with organisers Linking the Environment And Farming (LEAF).

LEAF is working away successfully at getting national coverage, but producers are being advised the best way to publicise individual events is down to them at a local level.

“Now is the time to get an article in the local parish or town newsletter – June issues will be closing soon,” said a spokesman.

LEAF has issued further advice on how to publicise an open day on its website.

Tips include finding out who the right correspondents are on local papers so that any press release won’t be overlooked, sending a good quality photograph in order to raise chances of getting noticed and even taking in a basket of produce to a local radio station so they can taste it on air.

You can also get more tips by reading Farmers Weekly’s special OFS page.

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