VIDEO: Recession causes crime increase, say farmers

Tough economic conditions as the country struggles through the recession are leading to an increase in rural crime, according to farmers in western England and Wales.

Producers from across the two regions said they had noticed a rise in the number of thefts on farms in recent months, as thieves targeted them as an easy way to make money.

Farmers talk about the rise in rural crime, and give their top crime-prevention tips.

Ian Hall, a beef farmer from west Wales, said: “A lot of the problem is down to the recession. People haven’t got money in their pockets and see farms as an easy target.

“It’s important to think about locking things up and putting things out of view now. You have to protect things from the chancers who turn up and will take anything they can.”

Hereford beef farmer Mervyn Yates said: “The recession is hurting everyone, and there are people who will take advantage. It’s an easy way to make money.

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