Lockdown projects for farm kids: Get creative and enter now

Lockdown is back across the UK and we know that means one thing for stretched farming parents – bored school kids in need of something to occupy their brains.

After the first lockdown began to bite in April last year, Farmers Weekly launched a children’s writing competition to help keep little farmers busy and entertained.

This time we’ve got two projects for your youngsters to get stuck into – something for everyone aged four to 16.

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The competition for both farm kids’ projects closes at 11.59pm on Sunday 21 February.

Artwork project

We want you to get creative by making a picture to show us your favourite thing about farming.

You can use anything you like to make the picture – paint, colour pencils, crayons or maybe make a collage out of old Farmers Weekly magazines (check that Mum and Dad have finished reading them first, though).

Once you’ve made your artwork, get somebody to take a photo of you holding it and ask them to upload it to the competition gallery page on our website.

We’ll pick our favourites to share in a future issue of the magazine.

More details and enter now

Video project

Grab a smartphone, tablet or video camera and show us your favourite thing about farming. Don’t forget to tell us your name and explain why you think it’s the best.

Perhaps it’s the sheep, a big tractor or the fresh eggs laid by the hens each day. Whatever you love most about farming, we want to see and hear about it in a short video clip of no more than 60 seconds. Make sure you’ve got an adult with you at all times when out on the farm and stay safe.

Once you’ve recorded your video, enter the competition by uploading it to our competition gallery page online.

The best videos will be shared on our website.

More details and enter now