Devon land with ag-tag possibility

In Devon, KVN Stockdale’s Simon Alford is selling a block of land that could be turned into a standalone farm.

The 302-acre parcel of pasture, arable and woodland at Ashwater, near Beaworthy, was originally part of a dairy unit, but is now used to grow maize.

Mr Alford said he could not see a reason why planners would refuse an application for an agriculturally tied house based on a beef suckler cow operation. “If you put in a persuasive, reasoned argument I don’t see why not. It could genuinely be a proper working farm.”

Split into three lots, thDevon Land 2e main 215-acre block of land and a modern farm building is guided at £500,000-£550,000, said Mr Alford.

He has priced 86 acres of commercial woodland at £2000/acre.

There is also 1.5 miles of single bank fishing on the River Carey, but no guide has been set.

“We will just have to suck it and see,” added Mr Alford.