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UK farmer on the challenges of managing a Sudan dairy

Desert conditions and tropical temperatures up to 50C make North Sudan one of the toughest climates in which to run a dairy herd. For Mark Yearsley, who relocated to Alwaha…


Dairying in drought: Australia and South Africa

The UK may have battled one of the wettest winters on record, but across the world, the El Nino effect is causing severe water shortages. Low rainfall is causing poor…

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How a Devon farming couple brought water to Kenya

One split-second decision made on a dairy farm in Devon during a particularly wet August day in 2012 has changed the lives of 1,600 people in North Central Kenya. When…

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Egg projects launched to counter malnutrition

Two new projects have been launched by the International Egg Foundation (IEF) in its first few months, designed to help change people’s lives in Southern Africa. The IEF is a…

British farmers can 'learn from Third World'

Britain should boost food output by adopting the sort of low-impact farming methods used in developing countries, suggests a United Nations report. Eco-farming methods used by small-scale farmers in the…

Egg producers step up food aid

Egg producers around the world have been contributing to food aid programmes. According to research by the International Egg Commission, more than 17m eggs have been donated in the past…

Africa 100 appeal cash benefits thousands

Money raised by British farmers is helping to secure food supplies for 12,000 people in western Kenya, according to the NFU. More than £200,000 was raised for NFU's Africa 100…

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