Adrian Harrison masters art of being jack of all trades

I am writing as fast as I can as I am running out of time. I am jack of all trades today – milker, slurry man, grass cutter and now journalist. The time is 10.30pm and it’s time to rest my weary eyes. Are you all feeling sorry for me yet? No I hear you say, just the same sort of day as me.

I am pleased about the grass cutting. The crop, which is our second this year, is looking heavy – great news after last winter and the money we spent on forage, the more the better.

The crop on our lower ground is looking particularly good. We did an experiment injecting slurry at 8t/acre and using 50kg/acre less fertiliser. So far it seems that the second crop is heavier than the first but, that said, looks can be deceiving, so I will update you in my next article as to the final outcome.

Another reason for my rushing is I am due for a day out tomorrow at the Great Yorkshire Show. We would normally have shown Jerseys at this event, but this year lack of time and lack of an outstanding show animal has relegated me to the ranks of visitor/spectator. Oh well, I can go round tomorrow and, in my head, I will have loads of spare cash and will obviously need to sit in all the new tractors and gather a couple of kilos of brochures. We can all dream.

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