Alternative remedies for Tom Rawson

July is show season and this year we took the kids to the Great Yorkshire as usual, and for the first time, the Royal Welsh.

The Royal Welsh was certainly an enjoyable day out and something we will look at doing again next year. The highlight was one FW reader recognising me and saying how much he looked forward to my monthly column. As he put his hand in his pocket for the show programme I thought my big moment had come for my first ever autograph signing, alas not, he just wanted directions to a show stand.

My old boss George Andrew from my sandwich placement called in to see our “latest project”. He reminded me that 13 years ago all I talked about was selling our 50 cows and going arable and that he should do the same. He persuaded me that milking cows was the way forward and the rest, as they say, is history. I therefore thanked him for my facebook status with HSBC, without doubt reading “in a relationship”. Cheers George!

Finally, a new feature: “Men’s health tip of the month”. I have long suffered from athlete’s foot (ironically) and have been recommended a good cure. So I found some purple spray next to the foot crush and applied it, and after the initial stinging had gone it had worked a treat. Next I might try some Penstrep, although I am wondering about the full implications of not being allowed in the tank for three days.






Tom Rawson

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