Huge livestock turnout for Royal Berkshire Show

More than 62,600 visitors came through the gates for the two-day, Royal Countyof Berkshire Show at the weekend.  The highlight of the championship was the Grand Parade of livestock, with the best dairy and beef specimens leading the way.

Cattle numbers at this year’s Royal County of Berkshire show at Newbury last weekend swelled to 570 this year – a record for the show. Dairy interbreed champion was Jersey, Pavenham IBEN 9, while the beef champion was the Limousin, Reseda.

Also reporting excellent turnout was the sheep section, with fractionally short of 500 entries. Chief sheep steward, Nigel Wernham, said: “To have 500 entries at the last major show of the year is tremendous.”

The show was also notable for the visit of a Japanese overseas mission.
Since the UK was declared free of FMD there has been a series of high level reciprocal visits between representatives of the Japanese and UK pig industries.

The Japanese are interested in importing British genetics, particularly from specialist breeds, for a high added value product. This move has been led by the Emperor, who has championed such production for many years from his own farms.

As a result of this, an important inward mission was organised by the Japanese MAFF to Britain to investigate various aspects of the UK pig industry.

The mission includes senior representatives from the farming, slaughtering and meat industry. The mission attended the Royal County of Berkshire Show to see the Berkshire Championship.

Mick Crockford said: “This was the second biggest delegation to come to Britain since the Royal Show. The Japanese are particularly interested in Berkshires and Lops and are now entering into the legalities involved in importing new lines.  We would expect to start exporting in a matter of months.“


Interbreed W J and M. Mash’s Limousin cow Reseda; res, C J Hutchings’ Aberdeen Angus Kingsbrompton Miss Ethel.
Aberdeen Angus C J Hutchings, Kingsbrompton Miss Ethel;  res, C.J. Hutchings, Curzon Endeavour;
British White Messrs St Joseph’s Tollesbury Nelson, res, A Hamilton’s Dallyashes Hollyhock;
British Blonde I C and S D. Archer’s Marston Mill Penelope Pitstop, res, Hackleton Farms Hackleton Varig;
Charolais  Mortimers Farm’s Mortimers Mirage, res, R Potter, Coningsby Vesuvius;
Hereford  P Noel and N Snelling’s Sarabande Emma; res, P Noel and N  Snelling Badlingham Bafca.
Highland G G Hedges’ Taurus of Dibden; res H A L Dawes’ Prince of Craycombe.
Limousin W J and M Mash’s Reseda; res, E E Wheeler’s Kaprico Unique.
Murray Grey Otter & Co’s Ashrose Ninja, res; C Hemingway’s Romany Heather Sage.
Simmental A R Clements and Partners Darshams Kit Kat; res, A E & C Bishop’s Lynfield Lucinda.
Other beef breeds Barwood and Padfield’s Belgian Blue Tamhorn Oriana; res, Messrs Rook and Haste’s Belgian Blue Tamhorn Verity.
Galloway Messrs Price and Edwards’ Charnwood Harry.

Interbreed  C Batley’s Jersey Pavenham IBEN 9; res, D M Coombes’  Holstein Mikali Mtoto Lenne.
Holstein D M and P Coombes Mikali Mtoto Lenne; res, C B Cooper Partnership’s Noremead Millennium Nosebay.
Dexter Mr S Tarrant’s Apple Cola; res, M J and S J Bancroft’s Moonshine Perdita.
Jersey C Batley’s Pavenham Iben 9; res, J Dawes’ Bowden Ceres.

Interbreed S L Barnfield’s Berkshire Kilcot Royal Lustre; res, B J Card’s Large Black
Boar champion A Thomas and W Edwards Saddleback; res M J Kiddy and Sons’ Large White.
Berkshire  S L Barnfield’s Kilcot Royal Lustre; res, A W Wells’ Brandy Stonebow 260.
Berkshire Champion of Champions S L Barnfield’s Kilcot Royal Lustre; res, Glebe Farm’s Jobesmajor Royal Lustre 31.
Gloucester Old Spots M J Kiddy & Sons’ female; res, Peggy Darvill’s gilt.
Middle White I Todd’s female; res, I Todd’s female.
Tamworth M J Kiddy and Sons’ female; res, C G and S J Howes’ female, Stoneymoor Jacqueline.
Any traditional breed M and E Edgar’s female; res, B Upchurch’s female.
Any modern breed P Clark’s female Champion Molly 2149; res, P Newth’s male.
Saddleback A Thomas and W Edwards’ Pantysgawen Silverwings 26; res, A Thomas and W Edwards’ Pantysgawen Silverwings 44.
Large Black B J Card’s; res, P Clark’s Poppins Warbler 75.


G L Smith’s Clun Forest ram
Interbreed opposite sex P Margham’s Suffolk ewe.
Bleu Du Maine J Bury’s ewe; res, J Bury’s ram lamb.
Black Welsh Mountain H G Bowden’s  ewe; res, Mr and Mrs R Wise’s ram.
Charollais M E A Seymour’s ram lamb; res, M E A Seymour’s, ewe lamb 89.
Clun Forest Mr G L Smith’s ram; res, D Searle’s ewe lamb.#
Dorset Horn Tucker and Jesse’s ram; res, Tucker and Jesse’s ewe.
Hampshire Down J Green’s ram; res, E Spice’s ewe.
Jacob J E Angell-James’ ewe; res, J E Angell-James ram.
Suffolk P Margham’s ewe; res, V Tayler’s ram.
Texel A Pajak’s ram lamb; res, R Cruse’s ewe.
Other pure breeds J W Hook’s ram; res, L Mead’s ewe lamb.
Primitive/rare breeds B and C Lewis’ Manx Loghtan ram; res, G W Hayes’ Greyface Dartmoor ram.
Shetland T A Tomlinson’s ewe; res, R Weeks’ ewe lamb.
Hill breeds J Cheneix-Trench’s Whitefaced Woodland ewe lamb; res, Mrs K Pile’s Kerry Hill ewe.
Longwool G W M Hayes’ Greyface Dartmoor ram; res, G W M Hayes’ Greyface Dartmoor ewe.
Shortwool S Viccars’ Oxford Down ewe; res, L Shaughnessy’s Portland ewe lamb.
Southdown L Mead’s ram; res, B Cooper’s ewe lamb.
Wiltshire Horn A J Hopkins’ ram; res, L Rollason.
Coloured Sheep K  Elliott’s, Ryeland shearling; res, K Elliott’s Ryeland lamb.
Hebridean M J G Peace’s ewe; res, L Sims’ ewe lamb.
Castlemilk Moorit B Pearson’s ewe lamb; res, S Cooper’s ram.
Manx Loghtan B and C Lewis’ ram; res, B and C Lewis’ ram lamb.