Ringside: Prime hoggs fetch a premium at Longtown

Longtown, Cumbria:


A smaller show of 3657 prime hoggs saw last Thursday’s (29 April) sale level at 191.2p/kg, with well-fleshed export types particularly short of buyers’ requirements and commanding a premium.

Texels claimed the top price of 224p/kg, with a Charollais taking the highest price per head, at £129. Lightweight hoggs sold to £75.80, or 222p/kg. Standard spring lambs peaked at 227p/kg, with heavy lambs selling to 235p/kg. Some 3115 cast ewes and rams met with a strong demand, and buyers paid a top price of £151 for heavy Suffolk ewes, and £146 for Leicester rams.

In the cattle ring, prices were cheaper on the week for 69 prime cattle, which peaked at 179.5p/kg for a Limousin heifer, with Charolais bullocks selling to £1214 a head.

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