Blistering store cattle trade at Knighton


Store cattle sold to tremendous trade at Knighton Market last week, with 116 averaging 229.56ppk or £992.39 a head.


Top price a head was £1,355 for a 560kg Charolais steer from T Hughes and Sons, The Yatt.


Topping the day’s pence per kilo trade at £1,135 (247ppk) for 460kg Charolais x steer was JP Breeze and Son, Fronladies.


At £1,205 a head was four 530kg Charolais x steers from the same home and at £1,220 was a 535kg Charolais x steer from T Hughes.


Next and selling at £1,095 was a 465kg Charolais x steer from TR and GM Layton, Pontypinna. Next at £1,170 was four 495kg Charolais x steers from JP Breeze and Son, Fronladies.


Then, topping at £1,070 was a 450kg Charolais x steer from RS Phillips, The Rectory. A run of £800 cattle followed.


First was three 346kg Limousin cross steers sold to £855 a head from JT and JE Lloyd, The Corner.  Selling at 246ppk or £1,290 for a 525 kilo Charolais x steer was T Hughes and Sons, The Yatt.


Two Charolais x steers weighing 365kg and from RS Philips, The Rectory, sold to £880 a head.


Selling for the same money was three 370kg Limousin x steers from JT and JE Lloyd.


Lastly was A and N Rawlinson, Harley Villa, with a 355kg Limousin x steer which sold for £830.


Meanwhile store heifers averaged 226.92ppk and £892.06 a head. Trade topped 261ppk for eight 318kg Limousin x heifers to £830 a head from JT and JE Lloyd.

While topping the trade a head was T Hughes and Sons with a 270kg Charolais x heifer that made £1,255.