Colin Hutchings does it again….and again…..

Colin Hutchings was back on top at the Royal Cornwall Show last week, sweeping the board with his Limousin and Aberdeen Angus cattle.

After last year’s tremendous successes – he won 15 interbreed championships – Colin returned to the top with his Limousin bull Goldies Trophy. By Leo and out of Giroflee, this six-year old bull now heads to the Three Counties Show.


Colin also scooped the Aberdeen Angus champion and reserve spots, with the familiar pairing that is Logie Daredevil and Kingsbrompton Miss Ethel. as well as the interbreed pairs. “I’m chuffed to bits and am very excited to be judging the Angus classes at the Highland Show later this month.”

Reserve interbreed champion was Boddington Estates’ Simmental bull Sterling Rochester. Shown by stockman Jimmy McMillan, this three year-old heads to the Highland, Royal, Yorkshire and Royal Welsh Shows later in the year. In the dairy classes Jenny and Michael Colwell enjoyed similar success, taking the interbreed title and reserve interbreed pairs with their Jerseys. Their seven year-old cow Quintrell PJSM Ultramarine is giving 35kg and heads to the Royal Show next.


Taking the reserve spot was Mikali and Excellence Holsteins’ four year-old cow Aldingham Stormatic Clarissa ET. Shown by herd manager Douglas Hume, this second calver is giving 50kg and also heads to the Royal Show in July.

Ivan Mortimore’s shearling Scotch Black-Faced ram won the sheep championship on his first outing. Shown by son Gordon Mortimore, the ram was described as a superb animal by judge Michael Hackling. “He’s a good strong ram and beautifully turned out.” A Poll Dorset ram took the reserve prize for father and son team Colin and Tom Clarke, from Colebrooke, Devon.



In the pig rings it was Steve Loveless’s Large White gilt Portbredy Beryl that took the supreme championship, with Welsh gilt Clowen Model 6th scooping the second spot for owner Adam Collings.


Interbreed C J and J L M Hutchings & Sons’ Limousin bull Goldies Trophy; res, Boddington Estates’ Simmental bull Sterling Rochester.
Interbreed Pairs Limousin; res, Devon
Devon A J Thomas’ bull Bollowal Nimrod; res, J Gilson’s bull Challenge Showboy.
South Devon Highgate Farm Partnership’s bull Highgate Hayden 11; res, A L Pascoe’s cow Carzise Audry 5.
Hereford M and V Lury’s bull Nanscient Gold; res, R F Bailey’s heifer Llancillo Hall Hazel 20.
Aberdeen Angus C J and J L M Hutchings and Sons’ bull Logie Daredevil; res, C J and J L M Hutchings and Sons’ cow Kingsbrompton Miss Ethel.
Dexter A Park’s female Charlmoor Sarah; res, M Mountjoy’s female Knivers Meadow Dreamer.
Beef Shorthorn K J Oliver’s female Flossy Flap; res, B R Wear’s female Redhill Bundaberg Lovely 3.
Belted Galloway M Arbib’s bull Howemill Indigo; res, J Strachey’s female Southfield Dun Sabrina.
British Charolais H Vooght’s heifer Little Bovey Vogue; res, P Old’s heifer Penfold Amethyst.
British Limousin C J and J L M Hutchings and Sons’ bull Goldies Trophy; res, J Neale’s female Sarkley Pandora.
British Simmental Boddington Estates’ bull Sterling Rochester; res, P Lally’s bull Corskie Radium.
British Belgian Blue E A and D A Ellis’ female Croft Victoria; res, Messrs E C Haste’s bull Valeer V’T Goed Ter Wall.
AOB A and M Austin’s Salers bull Morwenstow Saracen; res, J T Rowe’s female Dairy Shorthorn Cargenwen Fillpail 12.
Commercial E A and D A Ellis’s Belgian Blue cross heifer Spritzer; res, C J and J L M Hutchings and Sons’ Limousin cross steer Slip-A-Long Dunlop.

Interbreed J and M Colwell’s Jersey cow Quintrell PJSM Ultramarine; res, Mikali and Excellence Holsteins’ Holstein cow Aldingham Stormatic Clarissa.
Interbreed Pair Holsteins; res, Jerseys.
Guernsey Messrs D W, R J and J R Warren’s cow Tredinney Maypennants Periwinkle 4; res, H Guiness’ cow White Ladies Ruby 91.
Holstein Mikali and Excellence Holsteins’ cow Aldingham Stormatic Clarissa; res, W H Ley and Partners’ cow Thuborough Flora 44.
Jersey J and M Colwell’s cow Quintrell PJSM Ultramarine; res, J and M Colwell’s cow Poyer Masters Jennifer.
Ayrshire W R C and J E Christophers’ cow Rosehill Black Velour; res, Treginegar Dairy Farms’ heifer Tregays Stella 102.


Interbreed I G Mortimore and Son’s Scotch Black-Faced shearling ram; res, Messrs C and T Clarke’s Poll Dorset ram.
Interbreed Pair Hampshire Downs; res, Scotch Black-Faced.
Beltex L Moorhouse’s shearling ram; res, D and S Payne’s aged ram.
Border Leicester M J and V M Pile’s shearling ewe; res, S D Martyn’s shearling ram.
British Bleu du Maine M Vile’s ram; res, S A Norman’s ewe.
British Charollais G F Burrough’s shearling ram; res, S J Parish’s shearling ewe.
British Vendeen C J and L Vernon Miller’s aged ewe; res, C J and L Vernon Miller’s ram lamb.
Devon and Cornwall Longwool R E and D Snell’s ram; res, Mr and Mrs Lukehurst’s shearling ewe.
Dorset Horn and Poll Dorset Messrs C and T Clarke’s ram; res, A and C Kingdon’s ewe lamb.
Greyface Dartmoor C Mortimore’s shearling ram; res, V Pratt’s shearling ewe.
Hampshire Down C J Westlake’s ram lamb; res, M Adams’ ewe.
Jacob J and A Milner’s ewe; res, J and A Milner’s ram.
Lleyn J M and G C Adams’ aged ram; res, G N and P A Martin’s ewe.
Roussin R D and A E Molyneux’s ewe’ res, A Carter’s ram.
Scotch Black-Faced I G Mortimore and Sons’ shearling ram; res, W J and D M Jordan’s shearling ewe.
Suffolk R Irwin’s shearling ewe; res, C E Irwin’s ram.
Texel Marshall Farms’ aged ewe; res, E W Quick and Sons’ aged ram.
AOB Garlic’s British Rouge shearling ram; res, D and S Payne’s Ile-De-France ram lamb.
Commercial S C Chambers’ Texel cross pair of shearling ewes; res, D and S Payne’s Ile-De-France cross ewe.
Rare and Minority Breeds C J Sully’s Dorset Down ewe; res, G R Howarth’s Leicester Longwool ewe.

Interbreed S J S Loveless’ Large White gilt Portbredy Beryl; res, A Collings’ Welsh gilt Clowen Model 6.
Interbreed group Berkshire; Gloucestershire Old Spot.
Welsh A Collings’ gilt Clowen Model 6; res, J Flay and H Tongue’s boar Slade James 5.
Duroc S J S Loveless’s gilt Seaborough Hover; res, A P and P C Rose’s boar Maddaford Sveske.
British Lop J Collings’ sow Liskeard Sunshine 500; res, M V Hicks’ gilt Windmill Excelsa.
Landrace A P and P C Rose’s gilt Buckland Peta 15; res, S J S Loveless’ gilt Sunrise Dora.
Large White S J S Loveless’ gilt Portbredy Beryl; res, J Newth’s gilt Prestleigh Beryl 11.
Large Black P G Snell and Sons’ gilt Sock Skylark 22; res, B J Card’s sow Westerly Maid 196.
Middle White I A D Todd’s gilt Smallicombe Fair Lady 17; res, I A D Todd’s boar Smallicombe Sovereign.
Tamworth N L G Hunkin’s boar Shutevale Jasper 707; res, N L G Hunkin’s gilt Shutevale Princess 722.
Berkshire I A D Todd’s sow Smallicombe Stonebow 45; res, W A, E J and C A Uglow’s boar Endsleigh 317.
British Saddleback P Darvill’s gilt Toller Dinah; res, P Darvill’s boar Toller Golden Arrow.
Gloucestershire Old Spot P Darvill’s boar Toller Sambo; res, M V Hicks’ sow Windmill Bluebell 2.
Any Other Pure Breed C J Sully’s Kune Kune gilt Quantock Sally; res, K Brook’s Oxford Sandy and Black gilt Ansty Mary 12.