Crazy store cattle buyers

Well the west country grass has obviously started growing because the store buyers and more importantly their cheque books were out in force at Exeter last week.

Topping the trade were a pair of Charolais cross steers at £650 apiece, while heifers of the same breed made up to £645. And I thought show cattle were making daft money this spring.

With finished prices little more than £50 above these store prices someone’s got to be losing money on the steers and unless the heifers are being bought as breeders then it’s futile trying to do the sums on them!Overall the Continental steer trade was certainly the one to be in last week, with Limousins making up to £630, Blondes up to £575. Meanwhile, heifers went to £515 for Limmies and £582 for Blondes.

Mind you the native trade wasn’t bad either and how anyone will see a profit from Ruby Red Devon steers at £578 is baffling, but then I guess someone’s making it pay somehow. More realisitic was top price for South Devon heifers at £458, now they could be some good value replacements for someone.

For all those of you with stores in the shed your best bet has to be to cash them now and let someone else try and make a profit on them.