Positive thinking gets best staff

Thinking positively about a future in dairy farming can reap rewards. And that’s especially important when looking to take on new staff.

As this week’s Dairy Event highlighted, there is often such gloom attributed to a sector beset by a low milk price that those units that do prosper, albeit on tight margins, are often overshadowed.

But that should not be the case. If the industry wants to attract experienced staff to stay or draw new people in then attitudes have to become more positive and upbeat, argue recruitment specialists.

Paradoxically, a period of rapid change is on the cards. The average age of a dairy farmer is currently 58 and retirement is expected to see producer numbers fall.

That will create opportunities and see the emergence of fewer, but fitter dairy units, say industry leaders.

Although the industry is still “trapped” in the transition from a regulated to a freer market, as RABDF suggests, those that have prepared for change are likely to be better prepared to take on future challenges. And that’s what applicants want to see, say recruiters – employers thinking positive and acting positive.

The upheaval of moving jobs, homes and, more often than not, children and schools, has to be carefully balanced with the opportunities a new vacancy presents.

A few employers are more savvy than others. Already some vacancies in the Appointments and Job Opportunities sections of Marketplace give reference not only to pay, accommodation and leave – the three traditional yardsticks – but also proximity to amenities and schools – a good move, say recruiters.

Attention has also to be given to highlighting not only the responsibilities within the new post, but what input a successful candidate may have in helping shapemanagement and direction of the business.

Everyone wants to be part of a successful team, but it is the people at the top who determine and drive the attitude of those further down the business, say observers. So think positive and, hopefully, others will follow.


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