Dymock herd dispersal tops at 1500gns

A steady and consistent trade hit highs of 1500gns at the Dymock herd dispersal sale of 120 pedigree Holstein-Friesians on Tuesday (12 April) at Dingestow, Monmouth.

Standing out from tenant farmers Nick and Cathy Sprackling’s herd was second calver Dymock Goldmine Violet 2, a Hydaways Goldmine daughter, which calved on New Year’s Day after recording 8,010kg as a heifer on a day which saw strong demand for later summer and autumn calvers.

The primarily autumn calving herd was classified from 2007 after always being pedigree and had recorded 46 VGs and 7EXs in that time as well as claiming Daily Lifetime Yield awards for the Monmouthshire area.

Next best was Dymock Tiergan Patsy, a second calver daughter of Ballycairn Tiergan out of Dymock Merchant Patsy 3 due to calve to British Blue sire Moorsley Anderson on Wednesday (14 April).

Trade then hit 1,400gns for autumn calving Dymock Jeeves Violet 01, a Ked Outside Jeeves daughter out of Dymock Axiom Violet.

Auctioneer and valuer Gwilym Richards told Farmers Weekly that demand for autumn and late summer calving heifers was strong, with some buyers perhaps worried about the “tsunami of milk” forecast for the industry this spring.

“Times are challenging and trade was consistent with no real highs or lows. Fresh milkers did not seem in such a great demand but the demand for autumn calvers could indicate people were looking at maintaining more level milk profiles.”

 Averages: Milking cows and heifers without calves, £958; Served heifers, £729; Maiden heifers and calves, £347. (Gwilym Richards and Co)