Farmers slam stock scheme

FARMERS HAVE branded the fallen stock collection scheme a shambles and claimed there have been instances where animals have not been collected for days.

Powys beef and sheep farmer Hugh Besent told FARMERS WEEKLY he had to wait five days for a dead sheep to be collected.

Roy Wilde from near Welshpool said he had waited eight days for a sheep to be picked up.

But Michael Seals, chairman of the National Fallen Stock Company, said since the scheme started there had been 15,000 collections and only a handful of complaints.

“We have got 19,000 members so far and the majority that have used the service haven‘t found it a shambles,” he said.

The problems had arisen in Wales because demand for the collection service had increased by 200%, Mr Seals said.

He added: “What we need is for farmers to help themselves. If a farmer has a problem we can‘t do anything about it unless we know about it.

“The helpline is there, so if there is a problem, farmers should call us (0845 054 8888).”

*For more details of farmers‘ views on the scheme see the latest issue of FARMERS WEEKLY out on Fri, Jan 21.

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