First quality cows sell to 2,250gns at Ross-on-Wye

First quality cows and heifers sold to 2,250gns at the October monthly collective sale at Ross-on-Wye Market.

Jim and Sheila Hitchon and their daughter Sarah Davies of Ledbury, Herefordshire achieved both top prices. The second calver Clenchers Shaker Lass had calved at the beginning of September was giving 36kgs daily when sold. The Picston Shaker daughter which had recorded 7,760kgs as a heifer sold for 2,250gns. Her heifer calf sold for 280gns.

2,250gns was also the best price for the calved heifers with Clenchers Loader Sandy attaining the honour. The Cogent Loader daughter was five weeks calved and was off a 11,542kgs Weeton Jackson dam.

Another Clenchers calved heifer sold for 2,050gns and a second calver made 2,000gns.

The consignment of 10 cows and heifers from the Clenchers herd averaged £1,869 with 4 heifer calves averaging £241.50.

The difference in prices for the lesser quality cattle was very pronounced with buyers only prepared to pay premium prices for the very best with the poorer quality being discounted by half.