Forecasts warn of higher parasite risk

Farmers are being warned this spring season poses high parasite risk for sheep and cattle, particularly newborns and youngstock.

According to the latest NADIS Parasite forecast, from April there is an increased risk of disease following the recent cold snap.

To prevent nematodirus infections farmers are being urged to avoid grazing lambs on pastures that were used for young lambs last year.

Experts are advising producers to treat lambs for parasitic gastroenteritis, which they say could become a problem if farmers experience another wet season.

Fiona MacGillivray from Merial Animal Health says liver fluke is also a continuing concern. She adds: “Dosing ewes around lambing will help to reduce the number of worm larvae on the pasture.

“However, this dosing needs to be targeted, leaving at least 10% of the flock untreated,” she warns.

NADIS has also issued a warning for coccidiosis, which is a significant risk for newborn lambs.

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