Good silage results for Adrian Harrison

Here I sit all alone having been abandoned for the evening, gazing out of the kitchen window doing my one-finger typing longing for my fish and chips to arrive and waiting for that eureka moment. I hear school and college mates saying something along the lines of “he hasn’t changed then”.

With 70 acres of second cut gathered in safely on 15 July at 5.5t/acre at nearly 40% DM, it is looking like the slurry injecting must have done some good. Third cut is looking promising this year with 82kg of fertiliser and 1,500 gallons of slurry/acre. First cut analysed very well at 27.3 DM, 15.7 protein, 73.2 D value and 11.7 ME, so I should be able save a little bought in feed? I very much hope so at today’s silly prices.

A good day was had at The Great Yorkshire Show trying to lose the wife and mixing with royalty. I don’t usually get to see much of the show as I have been showing cows. Next year I am going to get one of those golf buggies, just like the royals. My legs were killing me carrying all those brochures of new equipment I dream about but cannot afford.

With winter getting ever much closer, it is time for a bit of building work. The new building got a bit closer to finishing this week with all concrete panels in. Just floors to fill and level, a bit of concrete and cubicles and we should be there.

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