Farmers left ‘bitterly disappointed’ over cull ruling

Farming groups in Wales have said the High Court decision to rule against a badger cull in Wales is a “bitterly disappointing outcome.”

“Farmers are doing their bit to control this disease, yet the court has decided that the most significant obstacle to controlling it, namely an highly infected badger population, cannot be addressed until further consideration of the facts is undertaken by the Assembly’s rural affairs minister,” said the Farmers Union of Wales’ TB spokesman Brian Walters.

“The focus must now be on looking at the judgement and drafting a further order so that moves to address the problem in badgers can go ahead.

“At the same time, we must ensure that farmers in north Pembrokeshire are not subject to extra costs and restrictions which are futile so long as the major wildlife source of the disease continues to infect their cattle.”

Stephen James, NFU Cymru deputy president said, “The Welsh Assembly Government remains committed to a bovine TB eradication strategy and the farming industry needs an early indication of the options now available to it.

“The problem in wildlife cannot just be ignored. It is not going to go away unless there is a comprehensive strategy to get rid of the disease in both cattle and badgers so this, despite today’s judgement, cannot be the end of the line and no stone must be left unturned in trying to find a way forward.

“Ratcheting up cattle controls while doing nothing to control bovine TB in the badger population will not eradicate bovine TB and is simply not an option.”

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