High-yielding silage mixture could benefit farmers

Farmers suffering from silage shortages could benefit from a new short-term, high-yielding silage ley mixture.

Power Grass, launched by the seed company Limagrain, establishes rapidly. It means spring-sown leys will be ready for their first cut by early summer.

Power Grass is a combination of Westerwolds and Italian Ryegrass varieties – both tetraploid and diploid.

Experts say this formulation ensures it establishes rapidly and can produce huge yields of forage containing a good balance of sugars, protein and fibre.

Limagrain’s Ian Misselbrook explains: “The shortfall of winter silage stocks following last year’s wet summer has increased the pressure on many farms to get silage clamps filled as quickly as possible.

“Farmers who sow Power Grass this spring can expect to take a first cut of silage in early summer, with multiple cuts thereafter, followed by some useful back-end grazing. Since the varieties used have been selected for their persistency, the ley could also be left to provide an early cut or for grazing the following spring.”

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