Highland Mules hit £180 at Dingwall

Monday’s sale of Mules on behalf of the Highland Mule Breeders Association saw trade hit a high of £180/head for ewe lambs, with shearlings hitting a top of £200. 

Leading the shearlings was the champion pen from J and B McCallum, Mountrich Fam, Dingwall, which sold to the judge J Brims, Thuster Mains, Caithness.

With a second top of £190/head was achieved for three vendors, with pens from Mains of Clunas, Cawdor, Milton Farm, Farr and Coxton, Cornhill all reaching this mark.

Overall the 1029 Highland Mule shearlings traded on the day levelled at £169.53, a rise of £7.83 on the corresponding sale last year.

The overall average for the lambs sold saw a rise too, albeit a much less marked one with 3095 lambs selling to average £106.21, up £2.66 on the 2010 sale.

Leading these prices at £180 were the champion pen of lambs from the MacPherson family, Blackford, Croy.macpherson blackford.jpg

Second best here was a pen from Flichity Mains at £150/head, with a pen from Milton Farm next in line at £145/head.