Iain Green benefits from mild weather

Hopefully you are managing to maintain your new year’s resolutions – sadly I am struggling with my one which was to lose a few kilos. I am reassuring myself and others that it will happen once the days get longer and we get into the spring workload.

The weather has been very kind to us in this area, although we have had some rain, two or three days of gale force winds and a few nights of frost down to -3C. This is nothing compared to last year’s -16C and several feet of snow which lay for many weeks.

Outwintered heifers and spring calving cows are in good condition and content due to the recent fine weather. The majority of our cattle inside at home are now in bedded courts with concrete scrape through feeding passages. We have noticed a tremendous reduction in straw use with this system.

The remaining lambs are slow to finish, despite being fed hay and expensive concentrate in hoppers. They are not eating much as they would still rather nibble the green grass which has continued to grow. Once scanning has been completed and our polytunnel is empty, I will take the lambs inside to finish them.

The pig meat price is just managing to maintain its recent levels but with expensive feed costs, once again it does not leave any margin for reinvestment. Thankfully our unit is performing fantastic with our new Genepacker sows giving us larger litters than we ever had before with crossbreds. Only last week two sows had 22 pigs each which were all strong and viable.

Iain Green farms 1,110ha (2,740 acres) as a family partnership. Stock includes 130 pedigree Simmentals, 330 Simmental crosses, plus followers, 500 Highland Mule ewes and 340 sows. The partnership also runs a large haulage business

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