Kington hogget trade tops £100 a head

We had a smaller entry of 203 end of season hogget’s sold to a surprisingly good trade at Kington market last week, considering the quality and time of year. The trade was variable depending on quality and the level of meat. The hogget price ranged from 145 ppk to 190ppk.

The top price hogget’s were £100 a head on for some 65kg hogget’s from David Morgan

We had a good trade on the week and all the hogget’s at Kington averaged 1.80ppk up to 1.90ppk.

Meanwhile another strong entry of 1,124 spring lambs sold to a good trade on par with   previous days’ trading. All the lambs averaged 2.19ppk and up to a top of 2.42ppk.

Exactly300 cull sheep forward on the day selling to a good trade which would be much better than the previous days trade.

The ewes sold to a top of £94 for some Suffolk ewes from S Williams and Son and all the ewes averaged £68.10 a head with many hill and thin ewes forward. Tups and weathers sold to £75 and averaged £60. The cull ewes included a large proportion of thinner mule ewes and smaller hill ewes.