Large lamb entry achieves strong trade

McCartney’s of Kington reported an excellent entry of 3300 sheep on Thursday with lambs selling to an excellent trade even with a large number.

Lambs between 38kg and 43 kg were again sort after with these lambs averaging an excellent 2.05ppk. Heavier lambs over 44kg saw a good trade and averaged 1.94ppk. Lambs between 48kg and 55kg also sold exceptionally well averaging 190ppk. The lambs averaged an incredible £88 a head through the whole market.

The sale also had a good entry of 2750 lambs and more could have been sold to advantage.

The whole market averaged 203ppk up to 215ppk.

The lambs sold to £105.50 a head for some 60kg lambs from S Williams and Son

Some 38kg lambs from TR and GM Layton made £81, 39kg lambs from OD Lloyd made £82, 43kg lambs from DR and MG Williams made £91.50, 45kg lambs from E&G&R&C Pugh made £93.70, 47kg lambs from B and E Hammond made £93.20, 48kg lambs from TV Jones and Co made £92.50, 52kg lambs from KO Rogers made £99, 54kg lambs from Warren Farm (Powys) Ltd made £104.80.

There was a good entry of 550 cull ewes selling to another excellent trade. The ewes sold to a top of £152 for and to average £77.80 a ewe. Tups sold to good trade with a top of £90 and to average £70 per head, The cull ewes included a large proportion of thinner mule ewes and smaller hill ewes.