Milmarke dairy dispersal secures 2,300gns top price

An outstanding trade for the dispersal of the loose housed Milmarke herd on behalf of the Skipper family of Milton, Derbyshire, saw a top price of 2300gns and the milkers average a superb £1597 without calves and £1771 with.

Top call went to the dry cow Milmarke Lucius Christmas. By Lucius she had given 7466Kg in her heifer lactation and was due at the end of the month to the Montbeliarde. She was eventually clinched by local purchaser, Mr R Parker of Ticknall at 2300gns. He also went on to take the third calver Milmarke Reece Perry at £2220gns. By Askew Reece she had calved in August and was sold giving 41.3Kg.

A fresh second calver by Lutz-Brookview Burt reached 2200gns to M Clowes of Cubley.

Buyers from far and wide made a trade for all animals from milkers down to young calves which saw 286 head average £1157.

One of the highlights of the sale was undoubtedly the unregistered Monbeliarde stock bull made 3350gns to Messrs Sread of Repton, Derbyshire.

127 cows and heifers in milk and in calf to 2300gns, av £1597 without calves and £1771 with calves.

21 in calf heifers to 1810gns av £1601

82 youngstock to 910gns av £811

53 heifer calves to 590gns av £418