Pig producers must not get complacent

Growing demand for British pig meat and stronger prices has put the industry back in the black with margins averaging about £4 a pig, BPEX‘s Mick Sloyan told this week’s Pig and Poultry Fair.

“The pig industry is now profitable. The demand for British and the value of sterling against the euro has had a significant impact on margins, but it doesn’t mean producers should become complacent,” he explained.

The margin fell in the second-half of last year, but had been rising since January. Although it was positive now, it would not take much to see it turn into a negative margin, he warned.

UK prices were nearly 25p/kg above other EU countries, Mr Sloyan noted. “One of our priorities is to maintain the price premium we have over our competitors and we are well placed to do this.

“Much of it comes down to maintaining and increasing the support given by consumers in this country for quality assured product which now comes under the Red Tractor banner,” he said.

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