Planning problems for Julian Ellis

Good news – we have finally struck water, after four boreholes (three of which were more than 50-metres deep) they have found sufficient water to keep our number of cattle.

Sadly it’s not all been good news this month, as we’ve had several cases of mastitis in the freshly calved cows, only one of which was quite serious but still a hindrance and cost.

We have also had confirmation that our tender for a 60-acre block of land that we have been farming for the past 11 years was not successful. This combined with the uncertainty of the future of other blocks of land that we rent could be a mental drain if we allowed it.

Fortunately for now the effect on our business is minimal as we were offered an extra 70 acres in the spring, but still if this level of uncertainty is to continue, planning ahead will be difficult, However, I am certain that I would rather manage with less land than pay a high rent on a short-term FBT. Ever the optimist, I’m sure things will work out.

Meanwhile, despite the cases of mastitis, cows are milking as well as they ever have. The peas and barley were harvested in good weather on the 22 July; the third-cut red clover is coming on well and the dentist has just relieved me of toothache without doing quite so much drilling as the borehole gang.

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