Chicken flipflops – the ultimate freebie

We all do things we regret – such as sending someone else to a conference in Sao Paulo when one could have gone oneself.

I remember the phone call vividly, inviting a representative of Poultry World to the four day poultry jamboree. And I remember the warm glow of altruism I felt when I suggested my colleague Jake should go in my place.

After all, I’ve been to Brazil a couple of times before and it seemed only right that I should pass up the opportunity to someone younger, someone just setting out in the world.

Jake’s first email back to the office has changed all that. “It’s brilliant, being spoiled rotten,” he enthused.

But it was the attachment that really sparked my jealousy. Just look at these beauties!
flip flop 
As work-related freebies go, things don’t get any better than this.