Ho, the Godzilla of chickens

Ho chicken is a rare breed in Vietnam, according to the Vietnam National Institute of Husbandry one of the 20 rarest, and has all the appearance of a lumbering giant, a Godzilla of birds if you will.


Thanks to The Thanh Nien Daily

The birds are very particular and it’s a demanding business raising them, with farmers soaking rice husks overnight to mash up into their own ration, as the birds can’t be fed industrially produced feed.

They also work to improve their ration by adding grasshoppers, frogs and snails to feed.

But it all pays off with birds selling for up to $48(USD) each and every village family, no matter their means, demand one during the annual Tet festival.

The bird is so widely respected in Vietnam it is featured in traditional Dong Ho paintings and it was even the mascot of the 2009 3rd Asian Indoor Games.

For more on the Ho Chicken visit The Thanh Nien Daily.

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