AHDB launches £1.4m promotion to get lamb back on plates

The AHDB is set to launch a £1.4m marketing campaign about the benefits of lamb in a bid to support the sheep sector.

Backed by the NFU, targeted promotions focusing on lamb’s unique flavour and its versatility will be revealed in the summer and September, coinciding with the peak supply of British lamb.

The aim is to stem the steady decline in lamb sales and boost consumer attitudes towards the meat.

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The AHDB will work closely with retailers, food service outlets and industry stakeholders to create a co-ordinated approach to support the promotion of the sheep sector.

Will Jackson, AHDB strategy director for beef and lamb, said: “We’re focusing our marketing efforts on sheep for the forthcoming seasons to ensure lamb is at the forefront of consumers’ minds – coinciding with the availability of autumn lamb for shoppers.

“Day-to-day work will continue in other respects to support both beef and lamb, with meat, health and environment being key parts of the ongoing strategy. AHDB R&D, knowledge transfer, export and communications work will continue as normal for beef.”

The campaign will use a variety of platforms, such as large-format outdoor posters, press adverts and social media channels, to reach different target audiences.

The AHDB will also be running an additional campaign specifically for levy-payers. This will include physical and digital materials, such as social media guides and promotional displays, to help provide farmers with further support and guidance in marketing their produce at key times in the production year.

The work forms part of a wider rolling programme of red meat promotion, covering consumers, trade, work with retailers, health, nutrition and the environment.

In 2018-19, AHDB Beef & Lamb invested £9.762m of its income on promotion and PR support for beef and lamb at home and abroad – roughly 61% of its income.

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