Cereals 2010: Bristows’ tiller roll aids seedbed preparation

Lincolnshire firm, Bristows, had a new split-level subsoiler on show for the first time.

Fitted with a multi-tooth tiller roll, which is designed with a number of closely spaced concave- and convex-edged teeth to mix and roll the seedbed. At the front, shallow front leading tines which loosen the topsoil are followed by a second row of deeper, sub-soiling legs that can work to a depth of up to 18 inches.

Instead of the usual leg-and-shearbolt arrangement, Bristow has designed what it calls the Swing Lift leg – instead of travelling deeper when the shear bolt breaks, it swings within its working depth, meaning the point doesnt break while the machine remains level.

It’s available in 3m five-legged or 2.5m four-legged versions and prices range from £16,950. The rear tiller roll can be retro-fitted to other subsoilers, says the company.

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