Check-my-tank monitors fuel use

If you want to keep a close eye on the amount of diesel in your farm tank then Check-my-tank might be just the ticket.

Developed by a company called Spillsure, it’s a new web-based tank monitoring system that can be accessed through a smartphone, tablet or computer from anywhere in the world, provided you’ve got an internet connection.

Working like Smartguard (a similar system launched earlier this year), it uses a measuring device with a probe that gives an accurate measurement of the amount of fuel left in the tank. Subscribers can monitor diesel, oil or fertiliser liquid levels in multiple tanks or across several sites.

That means it can be used for keeping tabs on how much the tractors are guzzling, or to check that no one else has been helping themselves.

The system will also send you a text or email if the fuel level drops suddenly. A similar alert will be sent if a delivery is needed, too, and will calculate when it next expects the tank to run dry.

This could be handy for keeping records on how much your grain dryer is using over the summer, says the company.

Handily, the system is not associated with any one fuel company. It has a tool that allows you to compare real-time prices of different local fuel suppliers. Users can then place an order at the touch of a button.

Check-my-tank can also be used for heating oil tanks, so you shouldn’t get caught short when a cold snap hits.

There’s a one-off £150 bill when you sign up, which includes the monitor and modem installed in the tank. Once that’s paid there’s a monitoring charge of £1 a week.

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