Cereals 2021: He-Va’s Stealth subsoiler gets OSR kit

Opico is to offer He-Va’s Stealth subsoiler with a drilling kit for crops such as oilseed rape, following strong demand for the machine since its launch at Lamma in 2019.

It features two 100-litre hoppers for the delivery of seed and slug pellets in one pass via Accu-disc double-disc coulter units, which have been an option on He-Va subsoilers for the past decade.

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© MAG/Edward Mowbray

The 4m folding model carries eight outlets spaced at 500mm centres and they follow the same path as the leading tine. An RDS metering setup is employed to dish out the seed.

As for the soil-working components, the Stealth is armed with straight front discs to slice through trash and topsoil, and reduce the bursting effect of the legs. These are staggered across two rows, with spacing set at 500mm as standard. However, it can be adjusted by 50mm either way to suit different soil types and conditions.

Maximum working depth is 300mm and machines can be specced with shear-bolt or auto-reset protection. A V-profile roller is mounted at the back.

The 3m and 4m models have been the most popular but width options extend to 7m. The 4m example on stand costs £45,509.

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