McConnel to show upgraded Seedaerator drill

McConnel says it will unveil a 2015 version of its Seedaerator drill at the Cereals event with upgrades to boost accuracy, durability and performance. 

A new hydraulic auto-reset system uses a nine-leg configuration with spacing set at 333mm across the 3m working width. Farmers can choose between low disturbance legs and winged legs, with the LD leg fitted as standard and designed to work down to 150mm.

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The WL leg is designed for cultivating down to between 150mm and 300mm and has a replaceable winged point. 

A new seed distribution system is said to give improved seed flow from the hopper to the coulter even with large seed types at high rates. A new venturi, domed distribution head and larger diameter seed hoses are said to give greater consistency and uniformity of seed placement.

The space between the rear press wheel and mounting arms has also been increased for greater clearance and a better performance in wet conditions. The simple press wheel pressure adjustment, which has proven popular with customers, remains unchanged.

New twin-shot coulter

The 170mm wide coulter is 40mm wider than the standard issue and is made from 10mm Boron steel with hard-wearing Armatech coating for increased durability.

The coulter delivers two 25mm bands 100mm apart, placing the seed at the outer edge of the cultivated band, giving plants additional space to tiller to their full potential.

The twin bands create a more uniform finish over the ground, creating an appearance similar to that of a conventionally established crop.

Price starts from £28,000 and includes low disturbance legs, one-piece 1,250kg hopper, heavy-duty marker arms, tramline shut-off, spring-board rear harrow, RDS metering unit and calibration kit.


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