Agritechnica 2023: Ultra-flat ActiCut slices through stubble to kill weeds

A consortium of German farmers and mechanical engineers has developed a novel low-disturbance mechanical weed killer as part of its 2019-launched 4Disc business.

The ActiCut has three banks of sharp-edged and ultra-flat 350mm horizontal discs designed to work between 10mm and 120mm deep.

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Rather than the ripping action of a conventional tine, these “upturned barstools” are spun by individual hydraulic motors at between 60 and 100rpm to decapitate stubble weeds just below the surface.

The system can also be used to kill off grass and clover leys prior to ploughing.

Sprung mounting points protect the discs and their 50mm high-strength steel shafts from shock loads, with the 270kg-rated tripping mechanism allowing them to move both backwards and sideways to pass obstacles.

Any blockages can be cleared by reversing the driveline.

The current range includes 3m, 4.5m and 6m models that come with a set of levelling paddles and a three-row rear harrow. They weigh between 1,210kg and 3,130kg.

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