Edwards develops strip-till combi rotavator for fine seed-beds

Bringing finer seed-beds to the world of strip-till cultivation is the order of the day with the latest creation from Worcestershire firm Edwards Farm Machinery.

The in-house designed ST is essentially two machines in one, with a primary strip-till rig at the front that works up a band of loose, trash-free soil to depths of about 300mm.

Comprising row-cleaning discs, a large-diameter wavy disc and deep-working auto-reset leg, it uses similar principles to many other strip-till cultivators.

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However, thanks to a rear three-point linkage attachment and pto it can also have a set of band rotavators hooked on the rear. These break up the soil generated by the front cultivator, creating a fine, level seed-bed.

The firm already has a handful of machines working in the UK, which are being used to prepare ground for both maize and veg crops. There’s even one set up for cultivation ahead of tree planting. 

Various row spacings can be offered, but the pictured machine is set at 91cm for establishing cauliflowers. It’s priced at about £68,000, and a machine with six-units set up for maize planting would cost about the same.

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