New Pottinger Jumbo forage wagon a match for 500hp tractors

Pottinger has beefed-up its 7000-series forage wagons, which can now be paired with a 500hp tractor to rival the output of a small self-propelled harvester.

They run a hydraulically powered, seven-row floating pick-up with automatic speed adjustment. This should encourage an even feed, more consistent chop and reduce the likelihood of the crop being dragged, the company claims.

The tractor’s power is transferred from the pto via a belt drive to the rotor – an arrangement that is said to deliver smoother power transfer and provide a damping effect against peak loads, which protects the driveline and potentially reduces wear costs.

Pottinger Jumbo

© Pottinger

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Chopping is the business of a 48-knife bank that produces a theoretical cut of 34mm. This swings out and the knives can be reversed – saving the aggravation of carrying spares – but there’s also an on-board sharpening kit. Tougher steel means the blades should last 20% longer, says Pottinger.

Buyers looking for maximum carrying capacity can spec a moveable front wall that increases the load space by 4.3cu m. This works with the scraper floor to push part-loads backwards before automatically returning to its starting position.

Pottinger Jumbo pick-up

© Pottinger

Sensors on the front panel also allow operators to choose between light, medium or high compaction to suit crop type, dry matter or highway weight limits.

Unloading speed has been reduced by one-third, to one minute, and the compression flap at the front can be folded forward to give the driver a better view into the wagon or of the forager spout when used in trailer mode. In the case of the latter, the pick-up can be removed and a loading chamber cover fitted, which reduces the Jumbo’s weight by 520kg.

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