Joystick control for John Deere sprayers

Cereals 2009 exhibitor

John Deere has introduced a new multi-function joystick control for the 700i and 800i Series trailed sprayers fitted with the company’s GreenStar 2600 touch-screen display.

Based on the hydro handle used on the 5430i self-propelled sprayer, the ergonomically designed unit replaces the EHC-2 switchbox to control all the main sprayer functions, in conjunction with the display.

These include switching the boom master or individual boom section controls and raising, lowering or folding either the entire spray boom or each individual side.

The new design reduces sprayer controls in the cab to just the multi-function joystick plus a display, providing intuitive control of frequently used sprayer functions as well as the auto-trailing drawbar, says JD. A universal connection allows the joystick to move with the driver’s seat for greater comfort.

The joystick is standard equipment on all 2009 model year i-Series sprayers, and is also available to retrofit earlier i-Series trailed models.