New Deutz-Fahr 7-Series unveiled

Deutz-Fahr has bolstered its high-horsepower ranks with three new six-cylinder tractors.

Ranging from 220hp to 265hp, all get smooth-as-you-like CVT transmissions and engine boost that can add as much as 25hp.

To accommodate that extra grunt, wheelbases are longer and transmissions are beefier than any previous Deutz offerings.


The 7-Series tractors all get a 6.1-litre, six-pot engine, with SCR the selected form of emissions control.

Changes include a bigger fuel tank and improved cooling pack which should make maintenance easier.

Transmission-wise things have been beefed up, too. The tractors should be able to handle higher torque pressures and racing around at 60kph comes at a lower rpm.

Operators can work in manual, auto or pto mode. For steady tillage work there are also two cruise speeds on the joystick.

Visit Power Farming to read the full review and watch a video of the 7250 TTV in action.

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