Rechargeable worklight means no trailing cables

Mains-powered wander-lights and other portable floodlights are great ways to shed light on winter repairs, but trailing cables and popping bulbs can be a pain.

Now Devon firm Ekonomical is offering rechargeable battery-powered LED versions that let you ditch the cables.

There are three models, a £58 10W unit with a charge that that lasts for three hours, a higher-output £100 20W unit that also lasts for three hours and a £137 20W dimmable version that can last for 40 hours. Charging time for all three is 5-10 hours and they are dustproof and low-pressure water resistant.

Overload protection means that the lithium-ion batteries can’t be overcharged and Ekonomical says they should last for 500 full charges. They should also hold their charge for three months.

Replacement battery costs are £25 for the 10W unit, £35 for the 20W unit and £65 for the 20W dimmable version. The lights can also be used at the same time as the battery is being charged.

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