Bigger footprint for Nokian Float King VF tanker tyres

Contractors and farmers wanting their large trailers and slurry or digestate tankers to have the least impact on soil structure have a new tyre option in Nokian’s Float King VF.

As its title suggests, the newcomer is constructed to meet the criteria for Very High Flexion (VF) category tyres.

This means compared with a “standard” radial of equivalent size, they can carry up to 40% more at 50kph using the same inflation pressure.

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Conversely, they should be capable of running at much lower inflation pressures, resulting in a longer and slightly wider footprint spreading the weight of the machine and its load.

Apart from causing less soil compaction, the reduction in wheeling depth means the tractor up front has less rolling resistance caused by “bulldozing” to overcome, so it should be easier on fuel.

The steel reinforced Float King VF will be available initially in four substantial sizes – VF 750/60 R30.5, VF 850/50 R30.5, VF 710/55 R34 and VF 800/50 R34 – all speed rated up to 65kph subject to load.

Rounded shoulders and a relatively shallow tread depth protect field surfaces during turns, and the tyres themselves when being manoeuvred on a hard surface.

Outer tread bars and two rows of blocks down the centre are intended to provide good field grip.

Meanwhile, the Flexforce construction of the carcass aims to provide stable behaviour when travelling at speed on the road, despite the highly flexible sidewalls.

Nordic Tyres in Dumfries is the GB distributor.

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