SlurryKat launches interchangeable dribble bar

Slurry equipment manufacturer SlurryKat has introduced a range of lightweight dribble bars that are designed to be retrofitted on to existing tankers or new units from other manufacturers.

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With spreading methods continually under scrutiny, there is a need to be sure that what is being spread hits the target area, which is where the dribble bar seems to be most favoured option.

SlurryKat’s unique system retrofits on to tankers and allows the complete unit to be removed in under five minutes, leaving the tanker with its splash plate and rear filling valves, which are still accessible without having to change the rear inspection hatch.

The versatile dribble bar can be subsequently mounted on to another tanker with a similar arrangement or with a rear linkage, without the need for any modifications.

It is available in both 7.5m and 9m versions, both featuring Vogelsang’s distribution head macerator, while options include spring-back booms to protect the machine if objects are struck.

The 9m version features hydraulically powered extending booms, which activate during the unfolding process, to keep the overall transport height low.