SlurryKat revamps running gear on mobile nurse tanks

An improved structure and internal finish for greater strength and durability, and chassis and running gear revamps for increased ground clearance, feature on the latest SlurryKat mobile nurse tanks for slurry and digestate spreading.

The rectangular open-top tanks provide in-field buffer storage to keep transport tankers on the move between an on-farm slurry store or biogas plant, while also providing a ready supply of material for field application.

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Feeding an umbilical application system is the most common use for these 45-200cu m buffer tanks, according to SlurryKat, as it enables slurry or digestate to be applied beyond the range of a pump located at the store or anaerobic digestion plant.

A tractor pto-driven Doda AFI chopper pump mounted on the nurse tank drawbar avoids having to transport and connect a separate pump, and an optional headland management system allows the flow of material to be halted during end-of-field turns.

The latest nurse tanks have a new chassis with 20% more ground clearance, and enhanced running gear with 16t axles and independent suspension.

The tank structure itself now has vertical rather than horizontal profiling for greater strength without adding weight and a “cleaner” internal surface that, as an option, can have a new acrylic anti-corrosion coating.

Stainless steel panel construction is also available.

SlurryKat’s two most popular sizes, 65cu m and 85 cu m, are priced from £30,750 and £36,985, respectively.

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